*Brooklyn* Blue Bikini Set : 209,99€ ipv 239,99€
Sun and sweat! The Brooklyn swim set features giant fox medallions on a two-piece top and bottom. Brooklyn bikini bra comes with the removable key-hole crop, soft tie halter neck and an easy clip-back fastening. Keep your cool with matte black microfibre and a quick dry composition.
*Miami* Black Bikini Set : 199,99€ ipv 219,99€
The getaway you’ve been dreaming of…Miami has arrived! This red hot collection features adjustable back ties, opulent O-rings and bold fox medallions. Making waves with smooth micro knit material, each piece is chlorine, salt-water and sun cream resistant. Perfect for beachy days and towel-down tanning. Baywatch bombshells, make your move, Miami is calling for you.
*Dakota* Black One Piece Set : 179,99€
Environmentally conscious construction meets the ultimate summer staple! The Dakota collection is created with a slick wet-look fabric that’s derived from recycled materials and post-consumer plastics. Featuring embossed gold hardware and a sleek black finish, Dakota is the femme fatale that will leave sun-seekers gazing.
 *Kukuro* Black Bondage Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings : 399,99€
+ Equestrian Hand Cuffs Black Leather with Gold : 499,99€
+ Equestrian Black Leather with Gold Handcuffs and Collar : 599,99€
 *Vienna* Black Suspender Lingerie Set (5pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 539,99€
  *Marivie* Neon Pink Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Neon Pink Stockings : 379,99€
Go backstage with this bright bombshell… the vibrant five piece Marivie collection features delicate neon voile embroidery on sheer crystal tulle, complete with vibrant pink mesh and elastics. Finished with glossy silver details, this luminous lady is no stranger to the spotlight. 
 *Courtney* Black Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 459,99€
*Lisbeth* Black Dragon Bodysuit
+ Black Stockings : 329,99€
Inclusief verzending en importkosten vanuit Australië
Fire starter! Featuring the exclusively designed dragon embroidery, illustrated by our French designer an finishd of with a wet-look lacquered effect
 *Molly* Ivory White Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Ivory White Stockings : 349,99€
Ivory-hot and ready to party. Nothing screams opulence like ravishing ivory lace! Made with eyelash lace of European design, each piece includes detailed embroidery and decadent lattice trims. Finished with glossy gold elements and unmistakable charm, Molly is the sweet ivory siren to have all eyes on you.
 *Tash* Black Lingerie Set (3pcs)
+ Black Stockings : RESERVED
Tash is cleared for take-off! Indulge in flattering bondage fabric with alluring fishnet mesh. Tash features a tailored bodysuit and push-up bra paired with a boldsuspender. This girl is easygoing, sweet, and already housebroken.
 *Jesse* Black Leather Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings : 319,99€
 *Linda C* Black Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 459,99€
Linda C is back in a lustrous black. The collection features soft elastics, glossy gold hardware, and smooth micro-knit. Made with a lining of sheer crystal tulle, this strappy siren is designed to frame the silhouette and create killer curves. With a daring attitude that’s not-so-innocent, this black bondage set shows very little restraint.
  *Jolene* Black Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings : 369,99€
Get rowdy in the coveted five piece collection, featuring smoothing satin, leather belt detailing and decadent gold buckle accessories. Yeehaw, Honey!
*Molly* Black Bustier Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 489,99€
Black-hot and ready to party. Nothing screams opulence like ravishing black lace! Made with eyelash lace of European design, each piece includes detailed embroidery and decadent lattice trims. Finished with glossy gold elements and unmistakable charm, Molly is the sweet black siren to have all eyes on you.
 *Amelie* Lilac Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Lilac Stockings : 439,99€
This thong has hooks in front for a sensual striptease ;) 
Although lilac and lavender promote peaceful sleep, the Amelie Lilac collection is a sweet dream of its own. This playful and provocative shade is a rhapsody of romance and a first in HB history. Amelie aims to please with flirty floral embroidery, transparent crystal tulle and a unique rainbow foiling. With icy iridescence that will leave your lover begging, you might not get much sleep at all.
 *Vanessa* Neon Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Neon Stockings : 589,99€
Hello yellow! This vibrant vixen is a grand slam guaranteed. The Vanessa collection is the winning combination of hot neon mesh, soft eyelash lace, strappy mitred elastics and dainty gold details. With an electric energy that cannot be matched, Vanessa is a bright bombshell vows to please.
 *Briony* Black Jaguar Bodysuit + Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Black Stockings : 589,99€
Get ready to break a sweat. Briony is courtside seduction with ultimate prowess. The collection is designed with mixed materials that include luscious black satin and shimmering Jaguar mesh. While reflecting hints of gilded gold, each piece is flawlessly finished with bold buckles and studded seams that accent every curve.
 *Indya* Magenta Bustier + Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Magenta Stockings : 529,99€
Everyday comfort and eye-catching colour, the Indya collection is cut with rich magenta satin and smooth geometric seams. While the beautiful hue commands attention, it’s the breathtaking details that are sure to excite. Finished with sparkling pink crystals, lavish picot trims, and woven gold rings…this sleek set is always in style. 
 *Jerry Lilac Suspender Dress + Thong
+ Lilac Stockings : 339,99€
The jaw-dropping Jerry collection is for those that love a little luxury. Featuring lilac satin panels and soft power mesh, each piece is designed with form-fitting shape and smooth finesse. Finished with rose gold eyelets and lace up details, Jerry is the contour collection that will show off your sweet side. 
 *Gabrielle* Mango Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Mango Stockings : 399,99€
Loaded with lust and amber attraction…we’re gliding to the danger zone. The collection features Swiss designed embroidery, sheer crystal tulle and soft peplum frills that accentuate your curves. Finished with gold detailing, sensuous elastics and hot orange outlines, Gabrielle Mango is seduction on overdrive.
+ Texas Rodeo Massage Candle : 399,99€ (FREE CANDLE)

Turn off the lights and turn on romance with a soy massage candle. Light the wick and watch it transform into a sensual, soothing massage oil. While the oil is melting, the room will fill with fragrance and create an alluring aroma. When you’re ready for a rub-down, gently blow out the flame and drizzle onto your lover for an unforgettable massage.

Texas Rodeo is scented as ‘Tobacco & Vanilla’ with a warm and buttery aroma. Deep vanilla notes mixed with debonair charm, this hot and heady scent is made to inspire a rodeo of your own.​

 *Sabrina* Pink with 3d Floral Bustier + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Pink Stockings : 509,99€
Hold on tight honey, we’re reaching altitude! Racy and romantic with sheer desire, Sabrina is made with transparent crystal tulle, soft pink mesh, and delicate stretch lace. As a first of its kind, the collection features 3D flowers and enchanting embroidery that scatters across the skin. With a hypnotic floral pattern and a hint of what’s beneath, the sweet Sabrina collection is impossible to resist.
 *Amelie* Lime Suspender Lingerie Set (4pcs)
+ Lime Stockings : 419,99€
Figure-loving lingerie with form finesse, Amelie Lime is the perfect colour and the perfect fit. This luxurious lime collection features Swiss designed embroidery and transparent crystal tulle to create a smooth silhouette. Made with gorgeous green binds and ethereal embroidery, Amelie is an adrenaline rush unlike anything else.
This thong has hooks in front for a sensual striptease ;)
 *Charlotta* Black Suspender Lingerie Set + Black Stockings : 409,99€
Jet set for a lacy love affair… The Charlotta collection features naked crystal tulle, sheer black mesh, and embroidered trims of Swiss design. This delicate maîtresse includes stretch lace and smooth elastics, while finished with classic gold hardware and jet-black jewels.
*Cindy* Black Bustier + Suspender Lingerie Set
+ Black Stockings
Hop on board and buckle in, Cindy is taking your lingerie game to all new heights. This Maverick of mischief is designed with a mix of sleek satin and sheer black mesh, finished with matte leather buckles, gold hardware details, and statement bunny studs. Playful and assertive, Cindy is a polished powersuit that will have you calling the shots.
 *Nemi* Pink/Yellow Bikini-Swim/Bodysuit : 279,99€
 *Maybelle* White/Gold Lingerie Set + White Stockings : 329,99€
 *Lindie* Baby Blue Lingerie Set + Baby Blue Stockings : 399,99€
 *Lorna* Blue Suspender Lingerie Set  (4pcs set) : 359,99€
 All High Heels : 199,99€
or only 99,99€ iff bought with a Luxury Lingerie Set