"Tell me a Bad/Bed Story"
Mystery, Fairy Tale, Halloween, Lollipop, Hot Pink Collection
Harnesses and Love Line
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 Two Hearts Erotic Lingerie Set 1 Red and 1 Black + Nipple Pasties : 239,99€
The harness is made of elastic materials with heart-shaped decoration and we considered here every tiny detail. Red/black lines in combination with red/black hearts look hot on body and help to create an extraordinary look. This set is made to awake your sensibility and remove the shackles of constraint. It’s made of hypoallergenic, high quality materials to make you feel comfortable and absolutely confident in your sexuality.
 Love Time Erotic Lingerie Set
+ Nipple Pasties Red : 109,99€
Pink Unicorn Costume + Red Stockings : 289,99€
The Pink Unicorn set, delicate and glamorous, will strike a chord in anyone. This charming look complemented with a leather horn mask and wings on the clasp, is perfect for playing according to a fairy-tale scenario!
Material: elastic net fabric, red silk.
 + Unicorn Accessory : 439,99€

Horn will perfectly match the image of a Pink Unicorn. This accessory will become a bright detail in your intimate wardrobe. Leather 100%

Shedevil Costume : 219,99€
On St. Valentine’s Day your partner will be waiting for his Valentine and with the Shedevil set he will get it. The look of a voluptuous Shedevil that you can complement with red accessories from bæd stories. A riding crop, a flogger or handcuffs — combine and play according to your own scenario. Wearing this set you will feel a hidden power in yourself and inspire your partner.
Material: elastic net fabric, red silk.
Pink Maid Costume + Red Stockings : 229,99€
The seductive sexy Maid set that has already won the hearts of connoisseurs of the brand, is now in pink. The Pink Maid set is designed to unleash a woman’s sexual potential, to attract and inspire. Having tried on this set of a seductive maid, you will feel the shackles of shyness broken. Material: elastic net fabric, organza.
+ White Gloves : 259,99€
White gloves go well with just about any outfit and add a bit of solemnity to your story.
  Stewardess Harness Bondage Costume : 269,99€
 Stewardess – is a unique image. On the one hand, it combines rigor and inaccessibility, on the other hand, this is immense freedom and elegance. The material: dark blue stretch, silk, and golden elastic. Do you love spontaneous travels?
 Fire Woman Suspender Costume
+ Red Stockings : 239,99€ 
Firewoman is an amazing character by Irina Soponaru for ladies who know how to deal with the fire in the bedroom. The set includes: bra on a suit with a soft cup, panties and a belt for stockings of universal size and red stockings. Materials: red silk, stretch mesh with flock print, reflective tapes.
 Lady Chef Suspender Costume
+ White Stockings : 279,99€ 
It absolutely does not matter how you cook, while you are wearing a set by Dj Nana. With sexy bra, playful panties and miniature apron with stocking holder you will be the main meal of the night! Materials: white stretch mesh and stretch satin, white narrow lace, black trim and white stockings.
Goddess Costume : 219,99€
Since ancient times Goddesses have been walking in golden slippers, everybody has worshiped them and satisfied. Has anything changed? The set includes high-rise panties with chains, a breast cape, accessories for the breasts and head.
Materials: beige mesh, beige glossy stretch, chains.
 Horsewoman Costume + Hat : 279,99€
+ Crop : 329,99€
 This outfit is designed to open up one of the facets of feminine. The image of brave horsewoman shows the depth of sensuality and passion. The set includes halter bra that emphasizes your breasts, high-waist brazilian lace-up panties, elegant jabot and two accessories for legs make the set completed. The set is made of the hypoallergenic materials: lace, mesh and suede.
 Sailor Girl Costume + Cap : 239,99€
 After a long voyage, who can guess the sailor girl’s thoughts? You won’t know until you try! The material: lace, mesh, white elastic, dark blue elastic, red cotton.
 Sexy Nurse Harness Playsuit : 229,99€ 
The classic look for modern women. The mix of underwear and harness makes the silhouette tender, and don’t let your partner forget who got an appointment! The set includes a bra, panties, two accessories for the legs and a robe. Materials: white mesh, white and red harness. The high-quality materials don’t irritate the skin and help you feel comfortable.
 Police Lady Suspender Costume + Police Hat
+ Black Stockings : 329,99€
+ Black Hand Cuffs : 399,99€ 
Allow yourself more while wearing this bold provocative costume. What image is closer to you: tolerant police lady or, on the contrary, severe and inaccessible one? Choose your mood in order to have maximum pleasure of this play. The set consists of an underwire bra and a skirt with braces. The elements are sewed from hypoallergenic materials : stretch silk and mesh.
 Sexy Maid Suspender Costume
+ White or Black Stockings : 209,99€
+ White Gloves : 239,99€
+ Tickler : 289,99€
+ Tickler and White Gloves : 309,99€ 
The Sexy Maid set was made to reveal a sexual potential of a woman, liberate her and inspire her for daring experiments. Try on this set and you will immediately feel how the shackles of your constraint disappear. The lingerie set includes an underwire bra, it holds your breasts and emphasizes your sexuality. Moreover, there is a sexy skirt with holders for stockings and a choker. The lingerie is made of black elastic mesh and white silk organza. The high-quality materials don’t irritate the skin and help you to feel comfortable.
 Black Sexy Judge Suspender Costume +
Black Stockings : 249,99€ 
This luxurious set of Judge is designed with the thought of women, who desire new impressions in their sexual life. Outside of the bedroom you can be the most obedient wife, but when you are wearing this lingerie set of strict judge – this night obey all your rules. The set includes a mesh corset with velvet coating, that beautifully emphasizes breasts and waist, translucent thong and a gorgeous lacy jabot. A mesh cape adds a special charm and mystery to the look.
 Sexy Tamer Suspender Costume + Hat
+ Black Stockings : 279,99€
+ Crop : 349,99€ 
Underwire bra with spectacular voluminous shoulders, high black panties and nonstandard stocking belt make this look by Maria Vynogradova strict and playful at the same time. So carrots or sticks, pamper or train – this is fully your choice what to do with your tiger in the bed. Materials: red stretch silk, black stretch mesh, black trim, fringe.
 White Angel Suspender Costume
+ White Stockings : 219,99€ 
A white lace set with silver dusting will very favorably emphasize all the advantages of your figure. It is impossible to resist the “angel fallen from heaven.” It includes a holter bodice, thong panties, and a suspender for stockings decorated with natural white feathers. Angels are truly different, sometimes so naughty, sometimes gentle.
 Black Angel Suspender Costume
+ Black Stockings : 239,99€ 
The compound of tenderness and insolence, feathers, and chains disclose the essence of this angel. Still sweet but not innocent. Who ruined it? Materials: black mesh with flocking, black rooster feathers, chains, and gold accessories.
 Elven Bride + White Stockings : 369,99€ 
The chic Elven bride set fits not only for role-playing games but also for bride’s morning and a passionate night of newlyweds (role-play).
Feel the magic of a special day in special underwear. The set consists of a transparent white lace bra, panties with open entry and a garter belt decorated mesh capeith delicate pearl beads and a weightless cape with train.
 Erotic Geisha Harnesses Costume
+ Black Stockings : 249,99€ 
To violate rules, find out about legendary skills of skillful ladies is possible only with the favorite master. Feel an exciting temptation in the set strap geisha. A bra with gorgeous kimono sleeves and wide belt on waist, small bandage panties are decorated with black feathers on breast and hips.
 Sexy Judge Suspender Costume
+ Black Stockings : 249,99€
+ Crop : 319,99€ 
This luxurious set of Judge is designed with the thought of women, who desire new impressions in their sexual life. Outside of the bedroom you can be the most obedient wife, but when you are wearing this lingerie set of strict judge – this night obey all your rules. The set includes a lace bra with a velvet covering and an underwire suspender , a translucent thong and a chic lace frill. A mesh cape adds a special charm and mystery to the look.
 Vamp Lady Playsuit + Black Stockings : 199,99€
+ Crop : 249,99€ 
Everyone knows about the confrontation of good and evil, good and bad, an angel and a demon. This image was designed for you to walk your demons prettily! Materials: black stretch mesh, red lace.
 Golden Power Chains Costume + Hat : 399,99€
+ Crop : 469,99€ 
Strong, confident, wanted, beautiful you wearing the Golden Power set surely will feel power over the situation. Materials: black mesh, black rubber, gold fittings, and chains.
 Golden Force Costume + Hat : 269,99€ 
Our golden army consists of miniature and tender from outside, but infinitely strong inside women. And for each of her merits, we added one golden chain to the image, that is how fully golden top appeared. Materials: black mesh, black rubber, gold fittings, and chains.
 Bat Lady Costume + Black Stockings : 249,99€ 
The temptation that soars on the wings of the night: changeable and graceful Batwoman envelops with her charms and invites you on a night journey. It contains new emotions and unexpected sensations from exploring deep fantasies. Will the partner be able to find out what is hidden behind the mask?
 Super Lady Costume : 289,99€ 
Brilliant and bright Superwoman radiates self-confidence. Arrange a game in the bedroom according to your rules and give yourself and your partner new sky-high sensations. A spectacular costume will keep you free to move in this sparkling star outfit.
 Spider Lady Costume + Black Stockings : 239,99€ 
Mysterious and enigmatic Spiderwoman weaves a graceful web of her own temptation. Will the partner have enough strength not to fall into her net, or is it better not to resist, but to allow her to subdue himself? Fantasize and create your own script.
Hand Cuffs Red or Black Leather : 109,99€ 
Black or Red leather cuffs with blue suede lining will perfectly suit for bedroom games with different scenario. Small leather connector on carabines connects the bracelets.
Adjustable girth: from 14cm till 21cm. Connector length: 10cm.
Materials: leather, metal.
20€ korting op 2 setjes
30€ korting op 3 setjes
 *Giselle* Maroon Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Make a statement in Giselle. With its distinctive strappy design, stunning embroidered fabric and criss-cross detailing, you’ve found your new favourite in this luxurious Lounge look.
 *Lily* White Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Soft, delicate and oh-so pretty, our Lily Intimates Set is perfect for making a statement. This sculpted, underwired style features white mesh panelling, a striking floral embroidery and polka dot stretch mesh for all round comfort.
 *Leah* Yellow Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Want to get loved up? Our Leah Intimates Set is waiting for you. This gorgeous set embodies all things bright and beautiful with bold hues and an elegant floral design.
*Dianna* Cobalt Blue Suspender Bodysuit : 119,99€
Beautifully encased in rich, bright mesh and a floral embroidery, our Dianna Bodysuit will have you feeling bold in blue.
*Storm* Black Intimates Suspender Set : 139,99€
Bring on the storm in our Storm Intimates Set. Dark, sexy and seriously striking, this four piece set is made up of our matching bra, suspender belt and thong, accompanied by our garter-style leg straps for that added sexy edge.
*Gigi* Skye Blue Suspender Bodysuit : 119,99€
Sweet and feminine, our Gigi Bodysuit will have you falling head over heels in Lounge love. A pink, yellow and white floral embroidery decorates this beautiful blue bodysuit with added cut out details.
*Belle* Gold Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Sparkle and shine in our Belle Intimates Set. Featuring a nude soft stretch mesh and a stunning gold metallic, geometric design, this set offers all the beautiful details for that extra bit of sparkle you crave. Indulge in classic Lounge comforts that never compromise on style.
*Nicola* Pink Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Plunge your way into luxury with our beautifully rich Nicola Intimates Set. Elegant threading comes paired with a sweet, ivory mesh for a touch of luxe in this stunning style.
*Zara* Yellow Suspender Bodysuit : 119,99€
Beautifully decorated with a white, ditsy floral embroidery, our Zara Bodysuit moulds to your body like magic with statement cut out panels and a corset tie fastening.
*Amirah* Hot Pink Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Astound in our Amirah Intimates Set. Experience total luxury with a stunning rose embroidery overlaid on a soft stretch mesh with playful, layered details.
*Selina* Maroon Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Meet our Selina Intimates Set. A unique floral lace comes beautifully intertwined with gorgeous sequin embellishments to bring your Lounge dreams to life.
 *Mila* Red Intmates Suspender Bodysuit : 119,99€
Bold and beautiful, our Mila Bodysuit is the style you simply can't go another day without. Crafted with a gorgeous polka dot stretch mesh, soft elastics and satin binding, get ready to have all eyes on you.
 *Jasmine* Black Embroided Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Fall head over heels for our Jasmine Intimates Set. Beautifully intricate, this underwear set is made up of three unique pieces with statement tonal hues, a unique embroidery and luxurious satin binding.
 *Skye* Champagne Intimates Suspender Lingerie Set : 129,99€
Our Skye Intimates Set brings all the luxury and decadent vibes in its beautiful Champagne shade. This super sexy set will have you falling in Lounge love with its all over floral embroidery and strapping details.
*Skye* Champagne Suspender Bodysuit : 119,99€
Pop some champagne and embrace your beauty in our Skye Bodysuit. This super sexy bodysuit will have you falling in Lounge love with its all over floral embroidery, strapping details and eye-catching champagne shade.
*Bella* Black Embroided Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Our Bella Intimates Set is beautiful, delicate and designed to unleash your flirtatious side. Made up of three intricate embroidered pieces, Bella features feminine floral details that will take your breath away with its endless beauty.
*Eve* Gold Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
An all over floral stretch embroidery makes Eve a stand out piece in your underwear drawer. Featuring a rose gold metallic thread for a statement, sparkly finish, you won’t want to take this gorgeous set off.
*Penelope* Black Embroided Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Meet our Penelope Intimates Set. Overlaid with gorgeous strap details, this intricate three piece set will truly take your breath away with its tonal hues, cut out details, floral embroidery and sheer black mesh.
*Frankie* Cobalt Blue Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Our Frankie Intimates Set is beautifully classy with a sexy twist, featuring sheer mesh panels and delicate details. This intricate set is a must-have for any day of the week with its striking Cobalt Blue hues.
*Ariella* Yellow Lace Intimates Suspender Set : 129,99€
Our Ariella Intimates Set is bright, bold and a serious statement-maker. Made up of four stunning pieces, this lingerie set will have you getting your glow on with its statement design. Get ready to fall in Lounge love.
*Illustration* Pearl Balcony Lingerie Set : 99,99€
Illustrate your beauty with our Illustration Balcony Set. This set is the true definition of love at first sight, designed to represent the unique diversity and beauty of our Female Family.
*Blossom* Cobalt Blue Lingerie Set : 99,99€
Bloom brightly in our Blossom Balcony Set. Created with our classic Balcony design in mind, this gorgeous set is super feminine with an all over girly lace, pretty panelling and a flattering shape.
*Blossom* Hot Pink Lingerie Set : 99,99€
Bloom brightly in our Blossom Balcony Set. Created with our classic Balcony design in mind, this gorgeous set is super feminine with an all over girly lace, pretty panelling and a flattering shape.
*Black Bamboo* Lingerie Set : 99,99€
Meet our statement go-to, the Bamboo Triangle Collection. Sustainability truly takes a front seat with this set, bringing you classic Lounge comforts with Mother Nature at the heart of your Lounge wardrobe.
Harness Brazaar Love Collection ;)
*Miss Aphrodite* Handmade Suspender Lingerie Set : 129,99€
*Sapphire* Handmade Suspender Lingerie Set : 129,99€
*Delphine* Handmade Suspender Lingerie Set : 129,99€
*Miss America* Body/Swimsuit + Cap : 49,99€
*Nirvana* Body/Swimsuit : 39,99€
*Rolling Stones* Body/Swimsuit : 39,99€
*Leopard/Hot Pink* Sexy Body/Swimsuit : 39,99€
*Sinner* Bandeau Bikini : 34,99€
*Caution-Slippery when Wet* Bandeau Bikini
+ Tape : 49,99€
+ Banana Anal Plug - Full Set : 79,99€
*Domina* Black Suspender Lingerie Set : 169,99€
*Vamp True Romance* Red Bodysuit : 149,99€
*Enchanted Esmeralda* Lingerie Set Bra+Brief+Thong : 129,99€
*Vevo Black* with Leather Bodysuit : 139,99€
Red Suspender Lingerie Set + Red Stockings : 129,99€
*Tenessee* Red Suspender lingerie Set + Red Stockings : 119,99€
Sexy White Suspender Lingerie Set : 89,99€